So, i had the need to convert IPTV multicast effeciently to HTTP.

Luckily i found udpxy.
As on their home page:
“udpxy is a UDP-to-HTTP multicast traffic relay daemon: it forwards UDP traffic from a given multicast subscription to the requesting HTTP client”


wget http://www.udpxy.com/download/1_23/udpxy.1.0.23-7-prod.tar.gz
tar -xvf udpxy.1.0.23-7-prod.tar.gz
cd udpxy-1.0.23-7/
make install
make -n install

Options provided by this version:

root@vidserv:~# udpxy
udpxy 1.0-23.7 (prod) standard [Linux 3.2.0-39-generic x86_64]
usage: udpxy [-vTS] [-a listenaddr] -p port [-m mcast_ifc_addr] [-c clients] [-l logfile] [-B sizeK] [-n nice_incr]
        -v : enable verbose output [default = disabled]
        -S : enable client statistics [default = disabled]
        -T : do NOT run as a daemon [default = daemon if root]
        -a : (IPv4) address/interface to listen on [default =]
        -p : port to listen on
        -m : (IPv4) address/interface of (multicast) source [default =]
        -c : max clients to serve [default = 3, max = 5000]
        -l : log output to file [default = stderr]
        -B : buffer size (65536, 32Kb, 1Mb) for inbound (multicast) data [default = 2048 bytes]
        -R : maximum messages to store in buffer (-1 = all) [default = 1]
        -H : maximum time (sec) to hold data in buffer (-1 = unlimited) [default = 1]
        -n : nice value increment [default = 0]
        -M : periodically renew multicast subscription (skip if 0 sec) [default = 0 sec]
  udpxy -p 4022
        listen for HTTP requests on port 4022, all network interfaces
  udpxy -a lan0 -p 4022 -m lan1
        listen for HTTP requests on interface lan0, port 4022;
        subscribe to multicast groups on interface lan1

To execute:

udpxy -p 4022

This will show proxy status in your browser:

This will open a multicast stream meant for and make it available via http.
You can open this url with VLC and it should work.

I think this is also really interesting: